Saturday, 5 October 2013

Grapefruit, Red Chilli, Hot Radish & Fennel Ceviche

Grapefruit, Red Chilli, Hot Radish & Fennel Ceviche

Cooking / Preparation Time - 10mins
Feeds - 4/6 (As a side or starter)

Ingredients - 
White fish such as halibut /Scallops/ Prawns work - Allow around 50g per serving - Finely sliced
1 x Grapefruit - Remove pith and slice into segments, mix juice with lime
1/2 Fennel - Finely sliced
1 x Pomegranate - All seeds removed from pith
3 x Radishes - Finely sliced
2 x Limes - Juiced
Small bunch of coriander - Leaves separated
1 x Medium red chilli - Finely sliced

Instructions -
Start by slicing the white fish and covering with the lime juice and chilli, display them neatly then add the radishes, fennel, grapefruit, extra chilli and coriander. Add in small portions of the pomegranate along with a small amount of the juice.
Either serve straight away allowing just a minute or two for the fish to marinate in the lime or leave for between 5minutes and an hour. 
I like the roughly stacked approach for this dish, plus it gives you the option to marinate it all prior to serving.

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