Saturday, 31 August 2013

Team GETINMYGOB Caters for The Feeling Album Launch

Buffet style

Crunchy Pesto Chicken Skewers with Sweet Gherkins, Courgette & Basil Creme Fraiche

Cooking/Preparation Time - 45mins
Feeds 8/10

Pesto Ingredients -

1 x 50g Pack of fresh basil
1 x 70g Fresh parmesan - Finely grated
2 x Garlic cloves - Crushed
Sprinkle of rock salt
30g Pine Nuts

Pesto Instructions - 

Muddle everything together in a pestle and mortar until you have a paste before adding half a mug of extra virgin olive oil. It's as simple as that.

Chicken Skewers Ingredients - 

500g of Free Range Chicken - Cut into strips 1 inch x 2 inch
2 x Handfuls of fresh bread crumbs - Roughly tear stale bread into small crumbs/pieces
1 x Jar of sweet pickled gherkins - Finely sliced
2 x Courgettes - Sliced into ribbons
Plenty of cocktail sticks

Chicken Skewers Instructions - 

Start by muddling all the pesto ingredients then use to cover the strips of chicken before adding the bread crumbs and cooking at 190 degrees Celsius for 25/30 mins (save two spoonfuls to make the pesto creme fraiche later).
Use a vegetable peeler to slice the courgette into ribbons. Slice the gherkins into bite size portions.
Once the pesto chicken is cooked, stir thoroughly so to re-coat the chicken with the pesto. Let it cool then combine the chicken with a courgette ribbon and gherkin on a cocktail stick. Repeat until all chicken is used. 
For the Pesto Creme Fraiche just combine two spoonfuls of pesto with half a pot of creme fraiche.
Garnish with torn fresh basil & black pepper.

Tomato bruschetta
Cherry tomatoes, salami, bresola & mozzarella
Parmesan coriander crisp breads 

Mackerel lemon zest and parsley pate

Puff pastry with roasted peppers, mozzarella and basil.

Olive feta sticks

Guac up close

Puff pastry with roasted peppers, mozzarella and basil.

Chorizo, halloumi & cornichon skewers

Asparagus & hollandaise dippers 

Team GIMG with the band boys :-)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

8hr Slow Roasted Shoulder of Pork on a bed of Chinese Cauliflower, Wholemeal Rice & dog Biscuits, topped with a garnish of Parsley

8hr Slow Roasted Shoulder of Pork on a bed of Chinese Cauliflower, Wholemeal Rice & Dog Biscuits... topped with a garnish of Parsley 

Perhaps don't do this every night for the dog, maybe consider scheduling this meal for when you're cooking your own 8hr slow roasted shoulder of pork.

Cooking/Preparation Time - 8hrs 5mins
Feeds - 1 x Hungry dog

Ingredients -
1 x Small handful of shoulder of pork- All fat removed & sliced into small chunks
4/5 Florets of chinese cauliflower or broccoli - Cooked for 4 mins in with the rice, then roughly cubed (Ted prefers his greens this way)
1/4 x Cup of wholemeal rice
1 x Handful of parsley - Finely sliced

Instructions -
Although this recipe specifies shoulder of pork, any, in fact ALL meat will work with this recipe. It's the perfect way to ensure you don't waste any meat you have leftover. 

Cook the rice for around 12/15 minutes - 1/4 cup of rice to 3/4 of water is a perfect ratio. Add in your cauliflower or broccoli (broccoli is good for dogs eyes so is a great alternative)  and cook for 3/4 minutes. Once cooked remove from the rice water and chop it up into small cubes, leaving to cool. 
Once the rice is cooked, rinse in cold/warm water, add in the cold meat, cauliflower, dog biscuits and parsley before mixing thoroughly. You're now good to serve.

Tips -
Always use unseasoned meat & veg, salt isn't good for animals.
Avoid serving up the fatty bits of meat.
Cook all veg - It's easier for animals to process than raw. Steaming or lightly cooking for 3/4 mins works well.
Parsley is a great addition and helps with bad dog breath.
Combine cooked food with dry biscuits as this is a good way to help maintain clean, healthy teeth.

Teds Tuna Teefy Treats

Ted's Tuna Teefy Treats

Preparation /Cooking time - 20mins
Feeds 1 Dog for 1-2 wks

1 x Tin of Tuna (non sunflower oil option - Spring water or brine is ideal)
2 x Handfuls of fresh spinach - Lightly wilted and finely chopped
200g of Plain / wholemeal flour (wholemeal is the healthier option)
1 x Handful of parsley - Finely chopped
1 x Medium free range egg

 Instructions -
Start by adding the washed spinach to a pan with a dash of water and cook on a medium heat until the leaves start to wilt.  Remove from the heat, finely chop them and leave to cool.

Drain the tin of tuna and add the finely sliced parsley and cold spinach before adding the flour and egg. Combine it all until it all comes together in a ball. At this stage you may need to add some more flour if the mixture's still sticky as it makes for a tricky task when trying to cut out your bone shaped biscuits. 
Once you have the mixture in a non sticky ball, flatten it out with the palm of your hands or a rolling pin and proceed to cut out your dog treats. If you'r lucky enough to have a bone shaped cutter then this is ideal if not cut them into bite size cubes or chip like pieces. 
Bake on baking paper for 15/20mins until crisp and golden. Leave to cool and store in a air tight container and probably for good measure keep them in the fridge. Allow between 2/4 a day depending on what else you're feeding your pooch.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pizza Style Puff Pastry Tart

Pizza Style Puff Pastry Tart

Cooking/Preparation Time - 30mins
Feeds 8/10

Ingredients - 
2 x Puff pastry pre-rolled (So there's no need to even get the rolling pin out)
2 x Balls of burrata or mozzarella (mozzarella will leave you with less of a soggy bottom pastry wise but burrata tastes better)
14 x Ripe cherry tomatoes - Allow 7 per pizza & stew in oregano, black pepper and olive oil for 10mins before adding
1 x White onion - Slice into rings & cook for 2 minutes alongside the cherry tomatoes
2 x Large handfuls of freshly torn basil leaves - Thoroughly wash before using
2 x Tsp of dried oregano
Generous amount of black pepper
Small sprinkle of rock salt
2 x Small glugs of extra virgin olive oil - Drizzle over the pastry prior to serving
 5 x Slices of prosciutto (For the non veggies) - Add once cooked 

Instructions - 
Start by pre heating your oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Lightly oil two baking trays and add the pre rolled pastry. Cook until golden brown, this should take around 15 minutes. 
In the mean time add the cherry tomatoes, dried oregano, olive oil, salt and black pepper stewing it all on a medium heat for 10mins. Add the sliced onion rings in with the tomatoes and let cook for 2 mins ensuring that they are left crisp but not entirely raw.
 Roughly tear up your mozzarella or burrata so it's ready to be added to the pastry and do the same with the fresh basil.
Once the pastry is golden, cooked through and has risen add the cheese, followed by the tomatoes and onions, return to the oven and cook for a further 5 to 7 minutes ensuring the cheese melts.
Once cooked and ready to serve, garnish with the prosciutto (if you're opting for the non veggie route) followed by the fresh basil a small dash of extra virgin olive oil and extra black pepper.

This works as the perfect breakfast, brunch or lunch...OR dinner.

Monday, 26 August 2013



Jones & Sons Dalston

If you're keen to embrace your inner carnivore and like your meat then this is the new hot spot to dine out at if you find yourself East. 
Serving up an array of meat cooked on the grill - everything from rib eye starting at £16 to sirloin, hanger and lamb chops. They're also artfully covering the fish options offering up roasted cod, cockles mussels and home made trice fried chips (essential these days when the 'Better Chip' market is as competitive as it is). 
The seasonal menu offers a traditional take on all the favourites; steak and ale pie, potted pork with pear coleslaw and crackling, steak and favourite has been forgotten here and desserts are no exception with treacle tart and clotted cream, chocolate puff with almond ice and crumble with custard.

Above all, the food speaks for itself. The pricing is super reasonable and the portions generous enough to make you return again and again...I'm already on my 5th trip!