Saturday, 1 February 2014

Shakshuka- Quick Carb Free Brunch

Quick Carb Free Brunch 

Feeds 4/6
Cooking Time 1hrs
Ingredients -
1 x Red onion - Roughly chopped
2 x Cloves of garlic - Crushed and roughly chopped
2 x Tin cherry tomatoes
1x Medium red chilli - Finely sliced
Fresh oregano - Small handful, finely sliced
2 x Tsp of smoked paprika
Salt & black/white pepper

Garnishes -
1/4 x Cucumber - Finely cubed
Bag of lambs lettuce - Few sprigs per person
1 x Vine fresh cherry tomatoes - Finely cubed
1 x Spring onions - Finely sliced
Crispy fried onions - Small sprinkle per person (I cheat and buy these by the pot from the vietnamese but frying finely chopped shallots in oil works just as well.)
1x Egg per person (add these 3 mins before serving)

Combine the red onion and garlic in a large pan with a dash of oil and cook for three minutes until the onion starts to soften. Ensuring you don't brown the garlic, add the tinned tomatoes, chilli, oregano and salt and pepper. Cook on a medium heat and taste after 20 mins for seasoning and adjust accordingly. For more of a smoky kick add extra paprika or chilli. For the poached egg boil a pan of water,  instead of stirring the boiling water with a spoon, whisk it vigorously, before sliding in the egg (previously broken into a ramekin, with a drop of vinegar) and turn down the heat, cook for 2 minutes. Allow one egg per person. Or for ease just crake eggs into tomato sauce and cook for 3/4 minutes on the hob or in the oven.

To garnish: Chop as instructed and just sprinkle on top...serve and enjoy

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