Friday, 31 January 2014

AND One For The Vegetarians - Super Crunchy Double Blackened Tofu with Miso Gravy & Cucumber Relish

Super Crunchy Double Blackened Tofu with Miso Gravy & Cucumber Relish
Preparation/Cooking Time - 25mins
Feeds 4

Ingredients -
Tofu -
4 x Tbsp of black sesame seeds
2 x Tbsp of freshly ground black pepper
4 x Tbsp of runny honey
Fried tofu - allow 3 pieces per serving
Oil for frying

Miso Gravy - 
2 x Tbsp of miso paste 
1 x Inch of fresh ginger - bruised and chopped into chunks for seasoning
1 x Lemongrass stick - bruised and chopped into two
3/4 x Pint of vegetable stock - half a cube
Sprinkle of white pepper
1 x Tsp of cornflour -optional to thicken

Cucumber Relish - 
1/2 x Cucumber - cut in half longways and finely chop
5 x Tablespoons of rice wine vinegar
1/2 x Medium red chilli
1 x Tsp of palm sugar - caster sugar works too

Garnish -
4 x Handfuls of watercress - allow one small handful per person
1 x Spring onion - finely sliced to garnish
Small handful of coriander or Thai basil - finely chopped to garnish
2 x Limes

Instructions - 
Miso Gravy - 
Start by combining the miso paste with the vegetable stock. Add the bruised lemongrass and ginger and season with the white pepper and leave to simmer. Add the cornflour pre mixed with a dash of water if you want to make the sauce a bit thicker and more gravy like. Remove the lemongrass & ginger prior to serving.

Tofu - 
Heat a generous dash of oil in a non stick pan and dry the ready fried tofu with paper towels or by rolling it in flour. Once the tofu is dry coat/roll each cube in the honey followed by a mixture of the black sesame seeds and pepper. Add to the hot frying pan and using tongs turn the cubes so each side becomes cooked and crispy. 

Cucumber Relish - 
Combine all of the ingredients listed and leave to marinate for 20 minutes in the fridge. Serve alongside the hot tofu. 

Add your garnish of either coriander or Thai basil and don't be afraid to add a little extra fresh chilli if you like a kick to your dish.

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