Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Chilli & Lemon BBQ Octopus
Feeds- 4/6
Prep & Cooking Time- 30mins 

Shopping List & Instructions

4/6  - Allow one whole octopus per person
5 x Dried red chipotle chillie - sliced
4 x Lemons - halved and squeezed
1 x Handful of coriander - finley sliced
1 x Generous glug of olive oil
1 x Sprinkle of rock salt

Marinate the fresh octopus in the lemon juice, olive oil, dried red chillies, salt & pepper, leave it in the fridge for 20 mins then make sure the BBQ is hot enough to get cooking on (coals should be light grey). Lay the otopus ocross the grate so you don't loose any of the tenticles down the gaps and let it cook. 

Cook for 4/5mins .The tenticles will curl up once cooked. Add a couple of the lemons to the BBQ for extra flavour and serve.

This work really well with a simple french stick or alongside lentils, salad, salsa or just on it's own.

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