Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tequila Lemon Prawns

Tequila Lemon Prawns 

Preparation / Cooking Time - 40mins
Feeds 4/6
Ingredients - 

10 x King prawns - Allow a minimum of 2 per person
5 x Tbsp of tequila 
2 x Lemons - Squeezed, plus zest of 1/2 lemon
Rock salt 
Black pepper

Garlic Parsley Butter -
3 x Large cloves of garlic
1 x Handful of fresh parsley - Finely chopped
40g x Butter
Rock salt

Instructions -
Marinate all of the above for at least 30 mins in the fridge then cook on the BBQ for 4/5 mins (once the coals have turned light grey). Add the lemons to the BBQ too.

To make the garlic parsley butter, muddle the garlic with the rock salt then add the butter before muddling some more. Once the garlic and butter are a smooth paste, add in your finely chopped parsley and that's it.

Serve the tequila prawns with the garlic parsley butter and you're in food heaven. 

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