Monday, 9 September 2013

Minty Purple Potato, Chilli and Green Tomato Salsa Salad

This dish is the perfect compromise between refreshing salad and comforting stodge and although I will admit that the purple potatoes and the green tomatoes aren't so readily available I just couldn't help myself when I saw them down the local grocery shop. This dish can also be made with regular ripe, red tomatoes and regular new potatoes (it will taste just as good) but it's always nice to try variations and it defo looks more interesting when you do. The better the quality of your produce the better this dish is, if you go all out on the mozzarella it makes all the difference and always in my opinion go for a ripe and ready to eat Hass avocado. Keep the flavours simple and zesty and enjoy the natural flavours of the produce. 

Cooking Preparation Time - 20 mins
Feeds 4/6

Ingredients - 
4 x Green tomatoes
1 x Medium red chilli
1 x 500g Watercress - Thoroughly washed
8 x Purple new potatoes - Boiled in fresh mint leaves and salt
1 x Ripe Hass avocado
1 x Ball of good quality mozzarella
2 x Tbsp of dried cherry tomatoes
1 x Tsp of chilli flakes
2 x Glugs of white wine vinegar
1 x Lemon- Zest of whole lemon & juice
1 x Handful of fresh mint
1 x Handful of basil - Roughly torn
Artichoke hearts in oil - Allow one per person size depending
4 x Big glugs of extra virgin oil
Nob of of butter
Salt & pepper

Instructions -

Minty Purple Potatoes -
Start by boiling the potatoes in water with three sprigs of fresh mint and a sprinkle of salt. Cook for around 10/12 minutes until soft then drain the water. Next roughly slice the potatoes into 1 inch chunks, add a nob of butter before seasoning with salt and pepper and garnishing with fresh, finely sliced mint (around another 3 sprigs). Keep them warm by leaving them in the pan you cooked them in. 

Green Tomato Salsa-
Cube 4 green tomatoes then add a sprinkle of chilli flakes, a glug of white wine vinegar, 1/2 a finely sliced red chilli, your sun-dried cherry tomatoes and the zest of one lemon plus the juice. Garnish with a handful of torn basil, 2 generous glugs of extra virgin olive oil and mix throughly before leaving to one side. 

Slice the mozzarella and avocado then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. 

Make up your plate by placing the watercress in the centre, followed by chunks of potato, evenly placed round the outside. Next add the mozzarella on top of the watercress followed by the fine slices of avocado. Neatly place small teaspoons of the green salsa in the spaces between the potatoes, add the juice for flavour and garnish with extra torn basil and chilli. 

Serve as is or add the artichoke hearts in the centre on top.

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