Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Orecchiette with White Onion, Lemons Zest, Basil & a Kick

After 10 days in Puglia, the most southern region of Italy where I averaged about two large portions of pasta a day (mainly orecchiette the local speciality) I'm now on a pasta ban in the hope I might be able to once again see some signs of a waist.

Despite the region being full of amazing produce the vegetarian options were minimal.  A tomato and basil sauce which as good as the simple things can be is pretty dull after your third meal of it.
This (although still orecchiette) was one of my lazy & quick, light lunch pasta recipes. In this case you can't beat good, simple, quality produce and although bad for the breath the uncooked white onion really makes this dish. If like me on occasions you can't resist the lure of a bit meat then a proscuttio works really well as a last minute addition for meat lovers.

Orecchiette with White Onion, Lemons Zest, Basil & a Kick - 

Preparation/Cooking Time - 20mins
Feeds x 4/6

Ingredients -
500g Orecchiette
1 x Zest of lemon
3 x Cloves of garlic - Crushed and finely sliced
1 x Medium Red Chilli - Finely sliced
1 x White Onion - Finely sliced into rings
2 x Big handfuls of basil leaves - Washed & gently torn
3 x Generous glugs of extra virgin olive oil
Generous sprinkle of rock salt
Very generous grind of fresh black pepper

Instructions - 
Fill the biggest pan you've got with boiling water - boiling the water in the kettle normally speeds things up then add a sprinkle of salt and dash of olive oil. Once you've added the pasta stir for a minute or so making sure none of it sticks together. Cook the dry pasta for around 10-12 minutes for an al dente finish. Drain the water and cover with 3 glugs of extra virgin olive oil followed by the garlic, onion, salt, fresh pepper, lemon zest, basil and chilli. 
And that's it...you're done. 

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