Saturday, 29 November 2014

Nasi Goreng - Brunch

Nasi Goreng My Way

I stumbled upon this dish using up leftovers. We had rice, kale and coriander in the fridge 

Feeds -4
Preparation Time - 10-15 minutes
Cooking Time - 5-10 minutes 

Ingredients - 
1 Cup of Rice / 2 Cups of cooked rice
Glug of sesame oil/rapeseed oil
1 White Onion - Roughly chopped
1 Tomatoes - Roughly chopped
1/2 Tsp Smoked paprika
Glug of chilli sauce/buffalo tabasco/Cholula 
1 Red chilli - Roughly chopped
Handful of chopped kale
200g Feta - Crumbled
1 Spring onion - Finely sliced

Egg Pancake
Glug of rapeseed oil
4 Large organic eggs
Glug of milk
Knob of butter
Sprinkle of sugar/ palm sugar
Glug of soy sauce
Small handful of coriander - Roughly chopped

Cook the rice as per the instructions or thoroughly reheat until piping hot. 
Heat a glug of oil, add in the chopped onions, tomatoes, spices and fry for a minute or so, add in the kale, fry for a minute then add the rice and stir until combined. Test the seasoning, add extra spice if you like the heat. Sprinkle in the feta stir and set to one side. Add a glug of oil to a non stick pan followed by the eggs whisked with the milk, butter, sugar and soy and allow to cook. Once the egg's cooked through spoon in the hot rice mixture and serve - sprinkle with spring onion, extra chilli and chopped coriander.

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