Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

Preparation Time - 10 minutes
Cooking Time - 25-30 minutes
Feeds - 4-6

Ingredients - 

Bubble 'n' Sqeak
2- 3 Large potatoes (desiree or maris piper are good options)- Peeled and chopped in 2inch chunks
500g Spinach or half a cabbage -Shredded
1 White onion - Halved and finely sliced
2 Cloves of garlic- Crushed and finely sliced
Large knob of butter
100g of mature cheddar cheese 

Spiced Up Cheesy Beans-
1 Can of baked beans 
1 Large tablespoon of Chipotle Tabasco sauce
1 Large handful of mature cheddar - Finely grated

Organic Eggs- Allow 1 per serving
Large glug of rapeseed oil for frying

4-6 Large Ripe Tomatoes - Left whole
1 Teaspoon of dried thyme
Sprinkle of seas salt and black pepper

Punnet of chestnut mushrooms - Washed and roughly sliced
Small glug of rapeseed oil
1 Clove of garlic- Crushed and finely chopped

Recommended Condiments -
Dijonaise (French Dijon mustard with Mayo :-)
Oxford Sauce

Instructions - 
Start by peeling the potatoes and add to a pan of salted water and boil for 12-15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft and won't stay on a knife when prodded.  Once cooked drain and cover drizzle with oil and a knob of butter.
In a frying pan add the onion and garlic a glug of oil oil and cook on a medium heat until the onion softens, then add in the washed spinach or cabbage and allow to wilt. Mash the potatoes until smith then add to the onions, garlic and spinach/cabbage. Mix thoroughly and season, add in half the grated cheese and mix again then transfer to a baking dish and sprinkle over the remaining grated cheese, bake or grill until golden and crispy.
For the spiced up cheesy beans, combine all ingredients and allow to cook on a low heat for at least 10 minutes. 
Place the tomatoes in baking dish, season, drizzle with oil and roast for 15-20 minutes or until you're ready to serve. 
Fry the mushrooms and garlic in a pan on hot heat until until crisp and golden, keep warm until ready to serve.
Lastly fry your eggs, heat the rapeseed oil in a large pan and the  crack the eggs, cook until the yolks runny but the whites no longer snotty.

Serve up buffet style for ease.

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