Wednesday, 23 March 2011

BIG/HUGE Sunday Roast- Slow Roast Belly of Pork

Take one huge Belly of Pork
Score the top diagonally, cutting through the fat but not the meat
Rub rock salt into the fat
Salt & Pepper the underside/Add Thyme or Rosemary
Put in the oven for 30-40mins on high to get the fat cooking
Then lower the heat to 140/150 for 4hrs

Prepare Roast Potatoes
Part Boil in Salted water 15mins
Drain water & cover with four, Salt & Pepper
Shake the pan with the lid on the smash the sides of the potatoes 

Cheesey Leeks
Slice leeks (part boil or steam if you want)
Make a White Sauce
25g Butter melt on a low heat
25g plain flour
Pint of milk
80g of mature cheddar
Half a teaspoon of english mustard or mustard powder
White pepper

Steam Carrots & Cabbage

after 4hrs add whatever veg you want to use to make your gravy
Onion x1
Thyme x 3 sprigs
Bay leaves x 2
Salt & Pepper
Add this to the juices in the bottom of the pan & add veg/chicken stock
Put back in the oven for 1hrs on 150
To crispen the fat place under the grill with honey for 20mins

Push all the vegetables through the sieve and put the gravy on the hob
Add cornflour to thicken
With a spoon skim off any excess fat.

250g of plain flour
3 eggs
1/2 pint of Milk
Sprinkle of Salt
I always guess my yorkshire pudding mix, you want to aim to have quite a thick sauce, still runny but with substance.
Heat oil in the tin first before adding the mixture.
(Keep mixture in the fridge until you use it and use muffin tins to get extra height.)

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