Thursday, 10 March 2011

Smoked Haddock, Mussel & Double Cream Chowder with Home Made Chips & Buttered Loaf

Make up vegetable stock-
Shallots x 2
Carrots Grated x 2
Garlic x 2 Cloves
Celery x 2 stalks
Bay Leaves x 3
Olive Oil/ Salt & Pepper
Once softened add fish stock cubes or vegetable stock (Home Made fish stock bets but NOT necessary) 
Glug of White Vermouth
Simmer fo 20mins
Make sure Mussels are clean and unopened 
Make sure smoked haddock has been pin boned & skins removed
Add Lrg pot of double cream, taste seasoning
Once you're happy with the taste add Mussels & smoked haddock and turn up the heat and cook for 3 mins on high. - Shake your pot to make sure everything cooks as evening as possible.
Check mussels have opened
Add handful of Parsley & Extra blk Pepper

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