Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Carb Free Healthyish Dinner...

Peel Courgettes into Ribbons, 
Griddle Hollumi 
Add Tin of Butter Beans
Red Onions finely cubed
White Wine Vinegar
Birds Eye Chilli Chopped super fine
Avocado finely Sliced
Glug of Olive Oil
Rock Salt & Black Pepper

Steam Purple Sprouting Broccoli Steam for 4/5mins So it's still crunchy
Finely Sliced Red Cabbage
Grated Carrot
White Wine Vinegar with Dijon & honey, Lemon & Salt and Pepper all mixed up.
Big bunch of Parsley Finely chopped

Merguez Sausages Oven Cooked or bbq'd

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