Saturday, 14 May 2011

Slow Roast Pork Belly....think I've finally mastered it.

Put the Roast belly of pork in a pan with a lid, cut into the top of the fat, not all the way through to the meat but enough to get some rock salt in, add a bit of oil (only small amount as there's loads of fat there already but just so it doesn't stick to the pan) Salt and pepper the whole bit of meat.
Cook on 150/160 for at least 4hrs, ideally 5 so the meat is stringy and falling apart.
Cut/pull off the layer of fat and put it on the roasting tray with the roast potatoes so it turns into amazing crackling (If it's ever not crunchy enough, put it under the grill)
Let the meat stand for at least 20mins, half hour before serving. 

Part boil potatoes for 10/15mins drain then shake in the pan to bash up the edges, then sprinkle with flour salt and pepper and add to a tray of hot sunflower oil. Turn while cooking so they get crispy all over...the crispy bits are the best and defo worth a fight over. Love my potatoes like this!

Yorkshire puddings, a must with every roast...I like mine to be really doughy so use a lot of eggs and normally guess the measurements based on the texture of the liquid. For me it should be quite gluppy, but the runnier the easier it is to make them rise.
Notes for success-
Always use plain flour not self raising
Add salt
Use muffin tin trays to get the extra height
Heat up the oil in the trays first 
Keep the mixture in the fridge before pouring into hot oil
Don't open the oven door otherwise they fall flat
Cook for 25mins on 200/220

The perfect greedy hangover roast

I had leftover sausage meat/pork mince from a sausage plat so cooked this up then added a bit to the gravy (THIS MEALS NOT FOR DIETS). The gravy was one I had left over and had frozen from the last time I made this. But for a good gravy, use the juices from the meat, add stock cubes and cook up chopped onion, celery, carrot, fennel and fresh thyme- I like mine chunky/I'm lazy but you can sieve the gravy and veg and add corn flour or just flour to thicken.

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