Thursday, 18 August 2011

Coffee Chocolate Chilli Con Carne...TRY IT!!

Another busy day with Ted...

Cooking for 8
2 Red Onions- Chopped up, but still chunky
500g /2 packs of Mince Beef (I wanted to follow the Jamie recipe and use brisket but was too late for the part time butcher- with brisket you have to cook for  a good few hours so that it turns out tender)
1 x pack of smoked streaky bacon (optional- not convinced it makes a difference so save your pennies on this one)
2 teaspoons of tumeric
2 teaspoons of Oregano
2 teaspoons of smoked paprika
2 teaspoons of cinnamon or two fresh sticks of cinnamon
2 Red Chillis or teaspoon of dry chilli powder

Cooked for about 10 mins so meats all brown

Add 500g or 2 lrg cups of freshly made coffee
Add 2 tins of tomatoes
4 good sprigs of fresh thyme
Big dash of Lea and Perins
Squirt of ketchup or sugar
Big squirt of tomato puree
Salt & pepper

Add tin of kidney beans or 2 tins if you want to bulk it out more
Add 2 fresh bay leaves...

Let it cook for 2 hrs on medium heat, keep stirring and keep testing it.
Add more sugar or dry/fresh chilli for a kick 
To make it even richer add 3 large cubes of dark  chocolate, maybe add it gradually to taste as it's super rich.
Add Coriander stalks, a handful

Corn on the cob, cut into chinks then half so it cooks quicker and is easier to eat...cover with butter, salt & pepper and coriander.

Chopped coriander and hot Jalapeno Peppers to garnish


Red Cabbage & lambs Lettuce salad.

Serve with Sour Cream of Cream cheese for those who can't handle the heat...

Grated cheese is also a nice little extra...

It comes out so rich so a simple crisp salad works really well.

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