Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Favourite Holiday FOODS...

Fresh Pan Au Chocolat & Cappuccino on the beach- We always got down the beach early to get a quiet start to the day...a dip in the sea without anyone in it & a quick game of bat 'n'ball without risking taking out a child, plus the croissants were still warm at the bakery!! 

Merguez Sausages- These have been a staple holiday meal for as long as I can remember. They're my Uncle Nige's favourites, my Dad's & my brothers...and I'm defo not adverse to them, surprisingly!! Uncle Nige lives in the south of France so we'd holiday there every year as kids. Having not been back for 4/5yrs until this year these managed to take me back to being a right porker of a kid and think I managed to scoff at least 6 as a little introduction to the the rest of the bbq this time round! They're spicy/great!

Another (but more recent) yum dish that Uncle Nige & Aunty Julie pulled out the bag- Garlic Parsley Prawns- (I requested these ones) Marinated for the afternoon then straight on the bbq....then straight in your gob!!

I've probably never eaten so many prawns :-)

Crab Seafood Salad, beach the little eyes on the top, I didn't even put him there!

Uncle Nige & Aunty Julie, they're gonna kill me for putting them on here -Can't wait to send them the link!!

Their & my fav restaurant in Juan Les Pins, they've been going for 14yrs, (as have we) ironically to an Italian family run restaurant...the food isn't poncy, just hearty and simple and traditional. SO GOOD. It's a gem amongst the fancy, white pleather sofas that fill the streets out there, it's defo a place where people go out to show off!! Still worth a visit, it's between Antibes & Cannes on the coast train.

Aunty Julie's choice every time, Mussels in garlic & parsley...

Uncle Nige...Here he is, looking wonderful and seemingly very pleased with his parma ham & melon starter!

FISH SOUP- Uncle Nige fully corrected my eating methods with this...this is how it's supposed to be done;
Croutons should be rubbed with a fresh clove of garlic (apparently prevents the soup from making them go soggy)  then the Aioli goes on top followed by the Gruyere Cheese, these should then go on the bottom of the bowl before you pour the fish soup on voila c'est delicieux!

Moules Mariniere-

1 large Clove of Garlic finely sliced
2 shallots Sliced
Spoonful of Butter
Fry garlic & Shallots for 2 mins so they just start to go translucent.
Add -
Bouquet Garnis- Parsley, bay leaf and Thyme all fresh & tied together or just put in, it's not that bigger deal.
100ml of dry white wine (Or Cider apparently!)
100ml of Double Cream or a bit more if you fancy it.
Salt & Pepper
Bring to the boil for 5 mins so the alcohol cooks off then add the mussels & put the lid on- cook for 2/3mins.
(Always make sure the mussels aren't open before cooking -it's ok to eat ones that haven't opened after they been cooked- So Rick Stein says!!)
Fresh Parsley cut to serve.

Duck with Pepper sauce...Yummmmmm

Tagliatelle Carbonara, loved the egg on the side, if you're weird about the raw egg then just make sure you get it mixed ASAP, while it's still hot. Love how simple but delicious this is. I normally make it with raw eggs mixed it at the end instead of cream but like the idea of serving it like this. Parmesan's a must with black pepper!!

Tourrettes Sur Loup, an old medieval town built up in the hills, so beautiful & quaint & the ONLY place where you can still pay 1 Euro for a glass of wine.

A fancy french breakfast... Half a grilled croissant with fresh sliced strawberries with an icing sugar sprinkle. Very delicious.
Poached Pear, greek yogurt with fresh berries, orange juice & coffee....

The view from our B&B in Rouen, the most gorgeous traditional french house, would recommend it very much, the house and Rouen. (Gonna add the name of the B&B)


  1. Lovely holiday blog - thanks.

    Looking forward to info re Rouen B&B. We drive to the Dordogne a few times a year (family live there) and stop en route each way (otherwise I might strangle my kids!!).

    Rouen is always the cause of great stress when making sure we're on the right road south...! That "cow" roundabout always foxes me!

  2. I meant to message you back with details...better late than never!!

    The B & B was Chambres Avec Vue
    69Euros for a double room and 40 for a single(which was a double anyway)
    Dominic Gogny
    22Rue henault
    76130 Mont St Aignan
    +33 (0)2 35 70 26 95

    Try this place the house was gorgeous as was the breakfast and the lady that ran it.