Sunday, 7 August 2011

French Road Trip Round Up...2 Weeks, Cilla The Camper Van, a Chateau, loads of Beaches a boat and some yummy food...

Here she is...Cilla, Ginger old but still got it!

How it started...keeping it British!! The amount of ketchup was an attempt to counteract the lack of butter/dryness, it worked!

Eurotunnel Treat and enough time for one episode of Golden Girls :-)

Our Map...I LOVE Maps!! (Something else I found out this holiday)
Calais to Montlucon to Biot/Antibes / Juan les Pins / Cannes then Montlucon & Rouen on the way back

The Chateau that I never want to leave :-(

Coffee & Mille Feuille on The beach, breakfast holiday treat


A light snack to start the day.

Bit of an Italian Dinner...perfect way to save time and make as little mess as possible (Ideal when camping)

Boat Trip...Theoule Sur Mer

Fish Soup, my choice every time.

Just the Beach.

Uncle Nige's Garlic Parsley Prawns...Next Level AMAZING

More Theoule Sur Mer, stopped for some diving and Bat & Ball

Cooking up some Breakfast at the lakes

A long hard day at the beach.

Pan Au do they make them that good, great in fact??!!


A fancy shop we found in Rouen (another stop off on the road trip)...

AND then the OEUF Surprise....keeping us on our toes!!

An uneatable sarnie...Butter, borsin, Tomato, prosciutto, avocado & spring onion

And Pretty Boats...All in all a somewhat cultured trip!!

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