Sunday, 14 August 2011


FREE RANGE CHICKEN- stuffed with what I had in the fridge-
2 preserved Lemons, halved
1 Red Onion halved
Fresh Thyme
1 Stick if Celery
Salt & Pepper

Garlic Butter- To stuff under the skin of the Chicken, makes it even moister 
Crush 2 large cloves and muddle with butter & salt & pepper then with a spoon push it under the skin of the chicken, use the spoon upside down so its the shape of the chicken breast and won't break the skin.

Pre Heat the Oven to 200- The Chicken if a good size needs about 1.15mins then 15mins the rest before serving.

Yorkshire Pudding Mix- Get it done so it can rest in the fridge (this way you don't have to worry too much about lumps as they go once its been in the fridge for 30 mins)

150g PLAIN Flour
200ml Milk
4 Eggs 
Pinch of Salt

Pre heat the oil in your yorkshire Pudding tray (I use a muffin tray to get extra height)

Cook on 220 for 20/25mins

1 onion
1 stick of celery
1 carrot
2 bay leaves
Chicken stock
Juice from chicken once cooked
Cook on low to make the gravy
Fresh Thyme

Boil potatoes until a knife wont stick in them, about 15mins
Then take out, let cool and cover in flour- put the pan lid on top and shake the flour so it covers and slightly bashes up the potatoes- Makes them so crispy this way.

Be creative with space in your oven....

Hook the dog up while you're at it... 

SO GOOD / Treat yourself to a sample of the skin...

Add fresh Rosemary to your pots...and make sure you salt (Obviously)

Crispy Potatoes /Caramelised Carrots - Sprinkle with brown sugar for the last 10/15mins of cooking...

Pre Recycling day.... :-(

Share the home made gravy, meat from the wings and veg left overs for Teds roast = dogs favourite person!

I was tempted to try it....the biscuits are even meaty!!

I need at least one gravy jug to myself...always to extra

YUM / Iron your tablecloth!!

If only I'd made bread sauce...WHY DIDN'T I!!!

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