Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Things, Pork & CAKE

The new thing...Poppy Skipp, the latest addition to the family. The smallest & sweetest peaceful little thing and her older sister Lily.

Then the slow roasted pork belly. 
Slice into the skin then rub with lemon juice, sunflower oil and rock salt.
Cook on 220/250 -basically high for 25mins so the skin blisters (yum!!)
The turn the temperature down to 160 and cook for 5/6hrs without doing anything else this will fall apart.

The avocado wasn't quite ripe enough for a guacamole so we improvised and added kidney beans, onion, coriander, chilli, red wine vinegar and salt and pepper. Still yum.

Salsa- Cherry tomatoes- as ripe as possible, coriander, lime, white onion, red wine vinegar, tsp sugar, salt, pepper and chilli.

I can't even look at this without dribbling a bit!

Wholemeal wraps in an attempt to keep things healthy...ish!

Sour cream, mature cheddar, tortilla chips with melted cheese and chilli.

And then there was the make it yourself birthday cake / get it in your gob before the decorations even go on, she couldn't help herself.

Strawberry frosting- philidelphia, icing sugar, double cream and strawberry flavouring
Fresh sliced strawberries
4 x 100's & 1000's -to mix it up a bit. Girly sparkly stuff.

Here they are...

Kind of yum....colourful at least. Not only because I'm obsessed with the chocolate guinness cake but it keeps really nice and moist for ages, I made it a couple of days before going home and getting it decorated. A bit of handy prep.

Big smiley face :-)

So gorgeous...the most gorgeous and hilarious little niece <3 

Oh she's into it!!

And she loves her Grampa

Sorry....cake more!!

And then a bit of modelling even on a full stomach!

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