Tuesday, 8 May 2012

PARIS Eating....through a hangover

All the good things/just a light snack!

Lady Fletch...getting friendly with the locals

Work night out...Jess, Hens, me & Saskia & a few drinks in.

A creative wine cooler

Saskia & Polly

San Danielle & Mozzarella, simple & yum

Roasted courgette, pesto & mozzarella....more yum

Tomatoes, San Danielle and Burratta, OBSESSED.

The next day, 2 spews later....and only half an hour between meetings and a serious need for Maccy D's :-(

You can see the speed in the pony tail...barely keeping up!

They have a fancy cafe bit in there and everything, asides from New Years Day when we rent round the drive through twice I can't remember the last time I had McDonalds...

Here it is :-( Meal for 2!!

Hate to admit...and against all my beliefs about what you should eat, it was yum, wanted to vom after but while I ate it it was good.

I could eat this now!!

Here she is loving it!!

And then look what I spotted....a burger for later!!!! WTF!! Who does that!!??

Tiles just mainly because I like tiles.

Lamb Chops and mash

Tuna in sesame and sticky soy sauce

Cod with mash & salsa verde

All the empties at the end of the night.

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