Friday, 10 August 2012

Best restaurant in Ibiza

If you're going Ibiza then you HAVE to go here- in San Lorenzo. We went for lunch and wish we had had time to go back for dinner. THAT GOOD.

There's this bit then a whole load of tables set amongst orange trees with lanterns and fairy lights, so nice.

I obvs went for the burger holiday diet here!

This good.

Still rare...

This was such a good veggie option, spicy tomato sauce- plum tomatoes with fried egg baked into it. Add chorizo and this would be a meat lovers dream. 

Aubergine, tomato and boiled egg ciabatta- hollowed out then baked. Add cheese and creme fraiche and oven bake to make it next level.

Home made smoothie

All the healthy stuff. GO HERE.

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