Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Livin the dream!!

Cala Bassa

More edible flowers- a very decorative salad.

Really ripe red tomatoes, mozzarella, black olives, white onion, avocado with lemon, dijon vinaigarette.

The pad.

Another night cooking for a load of veggies....

Loads of roasted aubergine- the best and easiest way to fill them up.

Tomato & Vegetable Pasta
 To make this for 4-6 people or 4 with leftovers for lunch.

1x white onion or red - whatever you prefer.
3 x cloves of garlic- crushed then finely sliced.
1 x deep red ripe red pepper
1 x courgette- use potato peeler to get the ribbons (and always add 2 mins before serving so they're still crisp) or just slice into chunks and roast then add later on.
Big load of black olives
1 x tin plum tomatoes 
Big squirt of tomato puree
Rock salt & fresh black pepper
Big table spoon of sugar or squirt of ketchup
Big glug of red wine
Sprinkle of white pepper.

Cook on medium heat for at least 45mins- do onions, garlic red pepper in a load of olive oil first for 10/15mins with salt and pepper then add the rest of the ingredients- I prefer to roast the aubergine or whatever veg you're going to add, it always tastes better.

Make sure you try the sauce the whole way through so that it come out rich enough and sweet enough.

More beach.

(think this might have been a sauce from another night but its a similar variation of it)

Team effort.

Hard day.

What pasta for 22 looks like.

Mix it all in and obviously garnish with edible flowers- loads of black pepper and then a shit load of parmesan.

And a little parsley garnish.

Garlic parsley butter baguette
Enough for a whole baguette-6-8 people

1/2 of a pack of butter
2 big sprinkles of rock salt in a pestle and mortar
2 gloves of garlic roughly chopped
Big handful of parsley
Then pestle away until smooth.

The gorgeous bride to be <3

Some of the holiday these pics so much!!

Family shakey face...

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