Sunday, 5 August 2012

NYC Dins out

Williamsberg Fish Shack

More or NYC...Cara, Me, Dean and The Huge doing dinner out on my last night...rainy and clammy = shinny faces :-(

This is what I'm talking about...CHILLI sauces, can't get enough of them.

More shiny squinty faces...bit wrong but I do actually look like this when I laugh!!

The Huge (tallest man I know!) hot dog and fries...not very fishy!

Does look great though...into it.

My choice, the best thing on the menu. This was NEXT LEVEL FIT.

Mixed fish and chorizo stew with rice underneath. Was so delicious and healthyish I rekon!
 Serves 5/6 people
My version of this-

2 x White Onions- Finely chopped loops
2 x Fennel Bulbs- Finely Chopped into loops
2 x Dried Red Chillis
Rock Salt
Loads of Black Pepper
Thick chunks of chorizo probably about 10/15 largeish lumps
Fry up all of the above in rape seed oil until onions are translucent and all the flavours from the chorizo have cooked out and turned the oil redish- should be smelling amazing by this point.
Add a big glug of White Wine bring to boil
Add x 2 Cans of Tin Tomatoes
Add 1 x Pint of Fish Stock (2 cubes)
Cook for 25mins

Add the fish- Mussels/clams /calamari/ squid /white fish -wrasp is good very affordable and sustainable or whatever you've got, I would stick to using just white fish, salmon isn't as nice with this.
And only cook for max 4/5mins or until fish turns white and no longer transparent.

Cook your rice as normal, serve in a dish a liberally add sauce and fish over the top of it. You can add parsley or coriander, both work really well with it. 

Looks amazing

Ceviche- the freshest cod, finely sliced, covered in lime juice and chilli- I'm not even sure what was in this but managed to scoff the lot.

Think these were beef tacos, might have been concentrating too much on my own meal! much faffing about for me but was fit.

Deano, still handsome.


Happy/pissed in the rain!


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