Monday, 6 August 2012

Massive Mexican Brunch

IBIZA in June for Hels & Lews Hen/Stag do. 
22 of us...loads of cooking huge feasts.
Cala Bassa beach right by our villa, the dream pretty much!

Veggie Mexican feast.

4 x really ripe avocados
2 big handfuls of ripe (really deep red) tomatoes or cherry tomatoes -so they're sweet
2 x Fresh limes squeezed- roll them on the side first then slice in half, helps get the juice out! 
1/2 finely sliced red onion
Rock Salt
Black Pepper/white pepper (i'm a massive fan)
Big glug of red wine vinegar
1 x red chilli finely sliced- love it hot but try and be a bit considerate so no seeds- the smaller the chilli the hotter it is and the seeds are even hotter!
Big handful of coriander finely chopped and mixed in.
- Make sure you keep tasting, you've got to get the balance across all the flavours just right
I like mine lumpy so I just dice everything you can mush yours if you want- your shout!
Make sure you cover all the avocado with lime- this stops it from going brown if you're not serving it straight away.

The local shop was amazing, the fresh fruit and veg was so cheap and delish.

Got everyone hooked on the padron peppers...just fry these up in a hot pan with some oil and rock salt. Apparently 1 in 100 is supposed to be spicy! Luck of the draw!

Cherry tomato salsa
1 x large Spanish onion- they're sweeter and less harsh or just not as strong as a normal white onion.
2 x limes 
4 x big handfuls of cherry tomatoes chopped in quarters or whatever you can be bothered to do, sometimes I just crush them.
Rock salt
Black Pepper
1 x red chilli- not the small ones just enough to give it a bit of a kick
1 x tsp of white sugar- takes the edge off
Big glug of red wine vinegar- or malt vinegar i'm not fussy about using malt, quite like it in fact.
Big handful of coriander or parsley- prefer coriander and it's more in the mexican spirit of things!
You can also add spring onions, various types of tomatoes, whatever you fancy.

I added carnations...apparently edible, I tried them and they tasted good actually!!

Not into that jar of bought salsa, only just noticed that!

Big plate of roasted aubergine, courgette and squash, just add seasoning and roast on high for 35/40 minutes. Try and cut everything the same thickness so it all cooks evenly and pre heat the oven.

Padron peppers 

2 of the 3 frying pans I had on the go cooking the eggs for everyone. Love quite a bit of oil, heated up then eggs cracked into it so you get the crispy bottom and still a runny yoke.

I also made a onion and tomato coriander thing, with garlic and onion and loads of oregano- had to bulk it all out, this was a fully veggie meal!

Such a big oven, loved it!

An easy way to add substance is with bread; I made bruschetta /crostini things, the fresh french stick was so good out there, sliced it all up drizzled with oil then sliced garlic cloves in half and rubbed each piece before adding a slice of goats cheese to each and a garnish of spring onion and parsley. Obviously also salt and pepperd it then put under the grill (hot grill) for 5 mins.

More egg frying!


More edible flowers...or just carnations probably with bugs in!

Grated parmesan over the eggs...another favourite move!! This or goats cheese finely grated is amazing!! Trust me.

The padron peppers ready to go, slightly blistered and wilted and salty...delish.

Just a small plate to start....

Bride and groom to be.


Ehhhhhhh all the ladz!!

All the ladies...


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