Monday, 23 December 2013

Mikey's Mulled Wine

Mikey's Mulled Wine 

This hands up has to be the BEST mulled wine I've had, I'm a red wine enthusiast and this one nails it :-)

Preparation Time - 30mins
Waters - 6-8 or even 12

Ingredients - 
2 x Bottles of OK quality red wine
500ml x Ginger beer
500ml x Apple juice
Glug of brandy- for extra strength
1 x large cinnamon stick
2 x Star anise
3 x Cloves (he's not keen) - stick into satsuma
2 x Cardamon pods
3 x  Orange slices
3 x Lemon slices
3 x Lime slices
1 x Satsuma with cloves stick in 
1 or 2 Tbsp of Muscovado sugar - taste it after one.

Instructions - 
Add all of the above and cook on a low heat for between 30mins and 3 will get better with time :-)

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