Monday, 23 December 2013

Stuffing Rolled Roasties

Stuffing Rolled Roasties - 

This one is for the vegetarians out there who feel like they may be missing out over Christmas...this dish really does take roast potatoes to the next level. I'm only cross that I'd not done this sooner!!!

Cooking/ Preparation Time - 1.5hrs
Feeds - 6/8 or 4/6 with enough for potato hash the next day

Ingredients - 

5-6 or (around 1.5kg) x Large potatoes Maris Piper 
1 x White Onion - Finely Sliced into rings
170g x Sage & Onion Stuffing (Paxo) - Add 350 ml of boiling water to the dry stuffing - Stir thoroughly.
1/2 of a cup of fine semolina
3 x Handfuls of fresh spinach - Wilted down
Olive Oil 
Rock salt and white pepper


Start by peeling the potatoes then slice into 3"x 3" rough squares and add to a pan of boiling water with a good sprinkle of salt. Boil on a high heat for 12-15 mins. It's better for them to be over cooked rather than undercooked. Test the potatoes by pushing a knife into one, the potato should slide off pretty easily if they've been boiling for long enough. Once cooked drain in a colander and then return the potatoes to the hot pan but off the heat.  Next add the sage and onion stuffing ensuring that you use a fork to separate/whisk up the stuffing first so that it's not in big lumps. Add both this and the semolina to the potatoes, cover with a lid and shake so that the potatoes are rough and fluffy with a coating of semolina and stuffing. 
Take a large oven dish and cover with a good amount of oil. Season with salt and pepper and heat in the oven for 5 mins on 200 degrees Celsius. Add the potatoes to the hot oil (be careful it may spit) using a serving spoon gently turn the potatoes in the oil before placing in the oven - All sides should be covered. 
Let them cook for around 35mins then carefully turn the potatoes in the oil again. You may need to add another glug of oil at this point to make sure you encourage as much crunch as possible. You can also add in the onions and spinach making sure you tuck them in alongside the potatoes as you don't want the onions to overcook. Plus you still need to maximise opportunity for potato crispiness!
Cook for a further 15/20 minutes until you're satisfied with your golden potatoes. Oven dependent you may need to turn it up to 220 degree Celsius if you're not getting them golden quick enough. 

TOP TIP- Make sure you don't over crowd your tray as they'll take longer to cook and go golden. 

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