Sunday, 1 December 2013

Roasted Tomato & Rosemary Soup with Cheese & Onion Ciabatta Toastie

Roasted Tomato & Rosemary Soup with Cheese & Onion Ciabatta Toastie
Now the temperature outside has started to drop and the days are closing in, I'm finding I can't help but crave warming comfort foods. This is a super simple way to pack in a load of vegetables, indulge in a bit of melted cheese and enjoy the comforts of a tomato soup that's not Heinz. Don't leave out the rosemary as this takes this dish to a whole new level. 

Cooking / Preparation Time - 40mins
Feeds 4-6

Ingredients -
4 x Large tomatoes - Roughly chopped
8 x Cherry Tomatoes - Finley sliced
1 x White onion - Half finely sliced, half roughly chopped 
5 x Large Cloves of garlic - Left whole (save half of one to rub over the ciabatta)
2 x Dark red peppers - Roughly chopped into chunks
2 x Vegetable stock cubes
1 x Pot of creme fraiche
1 x Small handfull of parsley - Finley chopped
2 x Spring onions - Finely sliced
1 x Bunch of rosemary - Roasted and finely sliced
1 x Large handful of mature vegetarian cheddar - Grated
1 x Ciabatta 
Rape Seed Oil - Small glug

Instructions -
Start by roughly chopping up the large tomatoes, half an onion, garlic and red peppers. Add them to a roasting dish, season and drizzle with rapeseed oil. Cook on 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. 10 minutes before removing from the oven add in the rosemary so it remains fragrant once cooked. Next make up 2.5 pints of vegetable stock and combine with all the vegetables and blend in the blender. Ensure that you remove all rosemary stalks before blitzing. Check seasoning and adjust accordingly.

For the cheese and onion toasted ciabatta, slice the ciabatta in half lengthways and rub with the fresh garlic. Add a small sprinkle of the finely sliced white onion, spring onions and finely sliced cherry tomatoes followed by the grated vegetarian cheese. Season with black pepper and place the other half of bread on top forming a sandwich. Next pan fry the ciabatta in a glug of rapeseed oil cooking on both sides. Place something heavy on top, pressing down on the ciabatta to help it cook. If you have one a toasted sandwich maker will work well here as well.

Serve the soup with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, fresh white onion, black pepper and a dollop of creme fraiche. Add the cheese toastie to the soup or serve on the side and dunk.

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