Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2 Days In Florence (A Night & A Day!)

So beautiful...more beautiful that Rome, Barcelona & Paris!! I aim to go back and eat my way round there!! ASAP!!


Stewed Beef with Red Wine Garlic, Tin Tomatoes, Whole Black Pepper Corns All Slow Cooked -Parsley -Parmesan

My most Italian moment...I asked what the best pasta dish was, didn't want to risk an own choice given this was going to be my only meal (and on a hangover so needed to be right!!) The waiter -below just folded up my menu and winked (love that shit) and bought me out this, didn't even check if I was veggie or anything, how could he tell??!! Needless to say it was delicious :-)


He's FIT...kind eyes!! 

Love that even at a 'fashion' party the Italians have not only some amazing buffet but are still making fresh pizza and sarnies and people (thin attractive people) are still eating it!! Carbs that late at night is surely a NO!! Lasted until the very end of the night then couldn't resist any longer!! Freshly made pizza, in fact pizza ovens in the museum where the party was!! Do we do that here?? We should!!


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  1. Just discovered your blog! When you go back, I have some seriously good eats here (plus uber geeky Google map at the end): http://thegraphicfoodie.blogspot.com/2011/08/travel-florence-restaurant-and-general.html