Monday, 6 June 2011

Home Made Squid Ink Pasta With Favourite Home Made Tomato & Bacon Lardon Sauce

My ex boyfriend would say sorry with this pasta's that good!!

1 Pack of Bacon Lardons, smoked are more tasty but unsmoked would do too.
1 Red Onion- Diced 
1 Lrg Red Pepper- Diced(The deeper the redy colour the sweeter the taste)
1 Big handful of Sundried Tomatoes (he didn't use to add these, with or without os good)
2 large cloves of garlic- smashed then finely sliced
(Your could Black Olives or Anchovies if you want to mix it up)
I try and slice everything up so its the same size and cooks at the same speed.
Add a load of Olive oil so that everything is nearly covered
Add Salt & Pepper, quite a bit of Black Pepper
1 tbsp of White Sugar
Let this all caramelise for at least 30 mins on a low heat- The longer you leave it the sweeter the sauce will be.
Add 1 tin of Plum Tomatoes, 1 big squeeze of Tomato puree, 1 big glug of red wine & simmer for 45mins, add some extra water if it's looking to thick and not liquidy enough.


Squid Ink Tagliatelle made with the pasta maker, once I could be bothered to climb up and get it off the top shelf/ after being dissatisfied with my lazy 'rustic' home rolled pasta that came out a bit too thick!! Apparently always roll out pasta so it's semi transparent....NOTE TO SELF!!!
(It still came out yum and defos worth making yourself)

Squid ink Pasta for 4 people
300g '00' plain flour/ or string white flour or you can get away with just plain flour
3 mediums eggs
2 x sachets of squid ink or cuttlefish Ink (Only £1.25 from fishman Adam at the fish mongers & makes it look more interesting) 
Dash of salt
Kneed for 5/10 mins, leave to rest for 20
It should have air  bubbles in it when you slice into the ball of pasta- That's how you know when it's ready, plus should be springy.

Ted getting involved...keeping it fair 

My niece Lily getting involved in the parmesan...she doesn't like pasta!!!

Really loves the parmesan....

Uncle Oliver attempting to share the parmesan...

Always garnish with fresh parsley and loads of black pepper & parmesan.

Serve with a simple Mix Leaf Salad, ripe cherry tomatoes, parsley and sweet honey and lemon dressing.

Family Lunch

My Bowl...ROUND 1

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this meal!!!


  1. One word: DELICIOUS!


  2. made this last night, best meal I've ever cooked! thank you thank you thank you x