Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Picnic At London Zoo...

Hummingbird bakery treats...
Rocky road :-)

My niece Lily Skipp with Her Dad...cake sharing

Middle Class food face!!!!
My Sister in Laws perfect scotch eggs...easily transform any food face!!

Apparently slightly undercook/don't fully boil the egg and run under cold water as soon as you take them out of the pan.

She put mine to shame, I always get too carried away with parsley and onion & don't chop it up fine enough so they have a tendency to fall apart a bit!!

Oh and she also used an old rosemary crusty loaf for the breadcrumbs.

I got through 2 not a problem!!

Parma Ham, humous, sun dried tomato & loads of butter...as good as Skippy with butter in a bap!!

Lils concentrating...

Getting stuck into the picnic before everyone else.

PERFECT Scotch eggs AGAIN!!!

A close up of the picnic...I got up too late to make the sarnies at home, massive M&S cheat

And just coz I love this picture as much as I love icecream..

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