Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bream With Cherry Tomato Garlic, Oregano & Fresh Garden Basil. Roast New Potatoes, Brocoli & Asparagus = THE BEST NIGHT

New Candle arbre making it it for £5.

Super Simple Bream baked in tomato, garlic and oregano.

3 crushed then sliced cloves of garlic
cherry tomatoes-big bunch, fresh, ripe, sweet/tomatoey smelling
Red Onion
Dried Oregano
2 Tins of plum tomatoes
Splash of white wine
Dried Thyme
Bream or any white fish
Cook on 180 for 35 mins
Salt & Pepper

Chop up new potatoes, so they cook quicker
Part boil for 10/15mins or until they slide of the knife
Then add to a hot tray at 220 for 50mins (you can turn the heat down if you're gonna cook the Bream in the same oven
Add fresh Mint & rock Salt to serve

Apparently I garnished with a greek basil...thought it was just a smaller version!!! Very fragrant either way!

Steamed Broccoli & Asparagus

Soft boiled egg & parmesan coz I fancied turned out so good.

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  1. Mmmm, those potatoes looks scrummy. Also, fantastic title! I am completely obsessed with food! :) x