Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Here it is...all the good stuff

Mixing it up a bit, fresh lemon to go with hot water, herbal teabags which work specifically for different times of the day...lunch, loads of chicken with sweet potato and bulgar wheat, loads of good spices and think there may have been some orange rind in there, sweet & zesty, much better than my usual lunch and plenty of it. Feel like I actually haven't stopped eating (surprising considering I've stuck to the detox) 

Fruit & nut mix for a snack along with carrots, pepper and humous.

The full menu

The carrots, peppers & humous

1st major obstacle of the day, Hummingbird Bakery RED VELVETS got delivered...and I said NO,  a whole new experience and a painful one!

They look so good....

Roast chicken, sweet potato, fennel, bulgar wheat Salad with spinach and beans...YUM

Puy Lentil bake with aubergine, cauliflower & peas. This also had some good spice to it too & there was plenty...again not left hungry (my main concern)

Had mango & berries for dessert :-) But then had to watch my housemates scoff the hugest fish n chips-  that above the cake incident made me resent (only very slightly) the detox. Salt & vinegar smothered chips, loads of crispy bits and then crispy (a bit too yellow) batter ...wanted it loads :-(  BUT didn't do it!!  1 chip doesn't count!!!

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