Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Snow & Slow Roast Pulled Pork

Hampstead Heath Snow Day

Slow Roast Belly Of Pork

Slice into the fat/ score it, not too deep and about 1.5cm apart then rub rock salt into the slices and add fresh black pepper.
This still had bones in & it's best and more flavoursome if you cook the pork belly with them.
Put the pork with just salt & pepper on into an oven at 220 for 25mins then slow roast on 130/140 for 5hrs.
If the skins not crispy enough when you want to serve turn the oven to grill (not up too high but high enough that after 15/20mins the fat is crispy and not just on the surface-also you don't want to just burn the top of the skin)
Let the meat rest for at least 15mins before serving.
With two forks pull the meat apart-shredding it.

1 x white onion finely sliced/cubed to garnish (sounds too much but it's yum and works so well with the melted cheese and hot meat)
Finely sliced spring onions....just because!!
Coriander but I LOVE it.

3 x really ripe avocados
2 ripe (really deep red) tomatoes or cherry tomatoes -so they're sweet
2 x Fresh limes squeezed 
1/2 finely sliced red onion
Rock Salt
Black Pepper
Big glug of red wine vinegar
- Make sure you keep tasting, you've got to get the balance across all the flavours just right
I like mine lumpy so I just dice everything you can mush yours if you want- your shout!

Can you see how moist it is...and then how crispy the crackling it!!!!

White cabbage finely shredded long ways
3 carrots grated
big glug of white wine vinegar
big dollop of mayo
salt & pepper (add white pepper too, it's yum with this)

FIT Egg Fried Rice- for 6 people easily
Cook your rice first
Whisk 4 eggs in a bowl and add to a wok with a big glug of sunflower oil, a big dash a fish sauce, a bigger dash of light soy sauce and cook up the egg a bit on a high heat, add the rice once the egg looks sloppy but cooked. Give it all a good stir add a tsp of sugar and cook it up a bit. Add whatever beans you want then garnish with spring onions and coriander. Make sure the rice is wet enough and not too sticky, have a good taste so the balance is right.

The guys on the bullshot a warm vodka, gravy type broth drink

When  making up the rap of your life, add two types of grated cheese, a good spread of sour cream or philidelphia , then add your hot pulled pork, guacamole, coleslaw, egg fried rice and extra onion, spring onion and coriander. I want to eat this again and right now....MAKE THIS!!


Don't be shy with your portions, fold up one end then roll in the sides and get it in your gob.

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