Friday, 28 October 2011

The BEST Fishcakes I've managed...

Make sure you've got mash to hand- from the night before (so it already tastes good, butter, egg, cream, salt & pepper) 

Then... Melt butter and add the following:
1/2 Onion White and finely cubed or finely slice red onion
Finely Diced leeks
Zest of half a lemon
Salt & pepper
Sliced up capers
Cook until soft and translucent

Smoked Haddock Fillet
Place in a tray and pour boiling milk over the fish with a bay leaf and some tarragon sprigs, this cooks the fish through but doesn't overcook it so you still get big chunks. Leave for 10 mins with cling film over the top, then drain but keep some of the fishy milk just in case you need to moisten mixture at a later stage. Make sure there are NO bones, ask your fish man to pin bone and skin the fillet. 

Mix together the mash, fish (gently so you don't break up the fish), freshly sliced parsley, extra lemon zest to taste and add capers and extra salt and pepper if needed. Don't be shy to taste this as you're going. Add a big handful of breadcrumbs  (use stale bread mixed with parmesan and lemon zest if you have, I tore this up with my hands as couldn't be bothered to get the blender out- rustic works)

If you have metal cutters use these to make the shapes uniform or take the lid off both sides of a tin of tuna and use this. Once you have the fishcakes in shape leave them to set in the fridge for 1hrs, they hold their shape better this way.

Gently cover each cake with flour then whisked eggs and finally roll in breadcrumbs. 

Breadcrumbs- Stale bread, finely chopped parsley, parmesan, lemon zest, black pepper.

Gently fry in a generous amount of oil, at least 2cm deep for about 4minutes on each side until golden then drain on paper towel and get ready to serve, if you're doing a load you can keep these warm in the oven.

These are worth the effort...

As a coleslaw obsessive this was a perfect combination...

Red Cabbage finely sliced
White Cabbage finely sliced
Capers coz I love them
Dijonaise because its a compromise between salad cream and mayo.
red wine vinegar to add tang
Salt & Pepper

Sweet Chilli Sauce...


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