Saturday, 22 October 2011

The FITEST Roast this year...Get prepared for your Sunday lunch NOW!

Ted keeping an eye on the neighbourhood 

Rinse the chicken under cold water, cover in Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, you can push butter under the skin with garlic if you like, but this was a good free range chicken and not sure always need to do that to keep them moist and juicy. I put chopped onion inside and some underneath so the chicken didn't stick to the pan.

It wasn't huge so cooked it for 1.10 ish- Pierce one of the thighs and make sure the juice runs clear before serving. The chicken can rest for up to 30mins before serving (good if you need oven room)

Crumble recipe
I used apples, raspberries and raisins

190g of butter for crumble topping

Let the cubes rest covered in flour for 30mins them crumble it through your fingers for around 8-10mins so the crumble goes beyond just small crumbs.

Yorkshire Pudding Mixture- I always cheat with this and do maybe 200g of plain flour then add 4 eggs a good pinch of salt and then add milk until the mixture is runny but still quite thick as I like my yorkshires a bit eggy.

If there's still lumps put in the fridge and mix again before pouring into the moulds. Make sure you oil the yorkshire pudding tin first so they come out after cooking on 200 for 20/25mins.

Boil Potatoes until they're about to break, 15mins at least or until the knife won't stay stuck in the potato. Give them a shake so they're bruised and fluffy. then sprinkle with flour. Heat the oil for the potatoes and cover the potatoes all round with oil so they go crispy while roasting and not just on one side. Salt them, you can add rosemary and garlic 20 mins before taking them out the oven for the best flavour.

You can put your potatoes in around your chicken, they'll take around 50mins so get the chicken cooking first.

Bread Sauce- 
3 slices of white bread, crusts removed
a big splash of milk, enough to cover the bread
3/4 cloves
1 bay leaf
Salt & Pepper
A nob of butter

Keep stirring until the breads dissolved then re heat on low when ready to serve.

Apples for crumble- Granny smith do work if you can't get cooking might need to add a splash of water before adding crumble as these don't have as much water as the cooking apples do.

Cover with sugar and a generous amount of cinnamon, plash of water.

Baste the chicken with it's on juices to make the skin go crunchy and stop the chicken drying out.

Bread sauce all done.

Roast Chicken

Paxo stuffing balls, if you're going all out mix with sausage meat

Cook for 25/30mins

Oil heated first (also make sure your tin -I use a muffin tin to get them higher) is non stick, it helps!

Make the non cooks lay the table...and do the washing up.

YUM and stick a bit stodgy in the middle :-) I could go less cooked than this.


Veggie version ( Pre meat)

Meaty version


Perfect, even if I do say so myself/ a bit smug!

Mikey (my food partner) has his very own way of managing to eat his roast- The stuffed Yorkshire pudding way, I wasn't convinced, but equally not against it.


The Crumble...cook for 30/40 mins on 180

ice cream & double cream...I'm indecisive!!

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  1. Made the Crumble on Sunday for friends. Went down a treat. Then on Monday night shared the leftover slice which was amazing still.