Sunday, 16 October 2011

Moroccan Meatballs with Spicy Squash Coleslaw and Mint Dip. Also on London Fashion Week Daily


To make the meatballs:
Get the largest pack of lamb mine you can (so you'll ideally have leftovers, although unlikely, these are moorish)

Add the following to the lamb or beef mince:
Cumin powder 1 heaped tsp
paprika 1 heaped tsp
1/2tsp of chilli powder
Finely sliced red chilli (seeds out so its not too spicy)
1/2 tsp of ginger powder
1/2tsp of cinnamon powder
tbsp of brown soft sugar or honey
2 eggs to help it bind and stay together
Salt & Pepper -be generous
Mix together then let marinate for an hour in the fridge

Then roll into balls- not to big as they'll take longer to cook, 3cm ish maybe.

Pan fry for around 5 mins in oil until golden all round then add to the oven for 15mins to cook through on 200. 
Make sure you don't over cook them as they will dry out.

Grate half a cucumber into natural yogurt and finely slice a handful of mint into it with a tsp of sugar and salt

For the Coleslaw:

Slice the squash into 1.5 / 2cm thick pieces and roast in the oven- sprinkle with oil, paprika and cumin powder and cook on 200 for 20mins, you want them to be crispy.
Do the same to the carrots but sprinkle with sugar so they come out golden and sweet.
Finely sliced the red cabbage, add a glug of white wine vinegar, salt & pepper and white pepper. Add a squirt of salad cream- we're huge fans of it at work, can't get enough!!
Mix it all together then add some chopped parsley & mint.

Frying up the Meatballs

Make sure you dice the onion finely (I could have probably done it smaller as this helps the meatballs stay together) 

Heat pittas (wholemeal for healthiness) and add a bit of everything...

I cooked the corn on the cob for about 10mins in boiling water or until i could pierce the skin without too much hassle. then reheated with the meatballs once I got to the office and added butter.

Sweet, slightly spicy and fresh coleslaw

The House of Holland Team (minus me) prior to feasting and 2 days prior to the show...

The ladies giving it the thumbs up...people in fashion do eat!!

3rds back at my desk :-(

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