Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thai (ish) Fish Stew with Rice & Black Beans

Fish Shop stock, not what I actually ended up buying, got distracted

Gurnard- Very sustainable and a bycatch, filleted by Fishman Adam.

All the smoked things I haven't got round to trying, along with homemade fish and crab cakes...

3 cloves of Garlic
Big Handfull of cherry tomatoes chopped up finely
1 Fresh Lime
1 Fresh red chilli (wiht seeds for extra spice)
Fresh Coriander- big handful

Add 1 tin of tomatoes
Dash of Tequila or big splash of white wine

Grated ribbons of courgette (use the potato peeler)- These cook in no time

Once you've seasoned with salt and black pepper your sauce and are happy with it (plus everything else is ready to go) add the mussels and white fish.

Then Add courgette on top of the fish and give it all a big shake up so the mussels open. 
- A great tip that my Mum taught me was to give all mussels a tap with a knife before cooking and when washing them, if they're open and still alive they will close back up ready for cooking- as you want them. Mussels are cooked when they open up.

Add extra chilli and coriander. The fish is cooked once its no longer transparent.

The sauce is light, fresh from the lime juice and coriander and not too thick.

So good and healthy, a perfect balanced meal and not too bad if dieting ( rice can be left out and can be had like a soup) I obviously had it all and seconds!

Easy for a dinner party too.


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