Saturday, 15 October 2011

Real Kebabs and REAL Kebabs!!!

Brazilian Butchers on 223 Mare Street Casa De Carnes- AMAZING meat & sausages. £5 for all this meat!

Chop the beef into even sized cubes then marinates with olive oil, freshly sliced garlic, oregano, salt and black pepper, cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge for half and hour or as long as you can.

Ripe Cherry tomatoes on the vine, my corner shop sells these and they still smell tomatoey (nowt like tescos!!)

Home made Garlic Mayo- 
Spoonful of dijon
2 finely grated cloves of garlic.
Salt & Pepper

Finely grated white cabbage
Grated Carrots
Red wine vinegar
Salt & Pepper

Cheat Chilli Sauce- 
Chilli Oil 1tbs
2 Glugs of Sweet Chilli Sauce
3 Crushed Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato & Caper Salsa
10 or so Cherry Tomatoes finely sliced
Bunch or coriander finely sliced
1 Lime squuezed
Rice Wine vinegar or white wine vinegar big splash to taste

Gently caramelise red onions in olive an added extra.

Heat your griddle pan so it's super hot, give it a good 10mins to heat through or until it starts to smoke slightly then add the skewers of beef, allow to cook for 1/2mins then turn over and do the same on the other side, I like it rare and this cooks it just right. The meat can always sit and rest if everything else isn't quite ready, just cover with foil. 
-Make sure youre warming your wraps on a low heat in the oven.


And then the REAL KEBAB story...late night Dalston (the only reason I went out)

Calum casually going for the double...chip and kebab in in one!! 

Agatha not dicking about either, getting straight in there...



Thumbs up!! Nice one guys, looking good!

Randoms after a big one...I imagine!
Making it...

Agatha, Angel Face, still this gorgeous at this time of the night in harsh kebab lighting..why so bright??

The sign of a good night, someones treated themselves to a late night sit in meal :-)

Real nice!

This isn't a second one that I got for the walk home, I ordered mine later...BUT I DID!!

That belts already tight :-(

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